Rabbi Eleazar said: "Any leader who guides a community gently will merit guiding it in the world to come."  
Talmud - Sanhendrin 92a

NC Hillel board members and volunteers

Board of Directors

Peter Levinson (Chair)
Sharyn Handelsman (Vice Chair)
Alison Linas (Secretary)
Jason Chautin (Treasurer)
Adam Goldstein (Immediate Past Chair)

At-Large Members

Larry Appel
Stacy Gorelick
Andrew Herman
Lauri Klein
Marci Linas
Marissa Milstein
Wendy Pake
Mark Rosen
Mike Ross
Graham Satisky
Colby Schwartz
Roger Schwarz
Chris Smith
Eileen Springer
Laura Stein
Gary Zarkin

Community Representatives

Rosa Perelmuter (Carolina Center for Jewish Studies)

Student Representatives

Coralia Fangmeier (Appalachian State University Hillel)
Nick Rosenthal (UNC-Chapel Hill Hillel)
Jacob Zacks (North Carolina State University Hillel)
John-Mark Forrest (UNC-Greensboro Hillel)
Noah Gordon (UNC-Charlotte Hillel)

NC Hillel Honorary Board of Governors

The Honorary Board of Governors is North Carolina Hillel's highest giving society. NC Hillel deeply appreciates the generous ongoing commitments from these individuals and families, which provides critical long-term support.

Tony Bates
Gerald & Sondra Biller
The Blum Family Foundation
Heather & Peter Boneparth
Nancy & Frank Brenner
Mark Clein
Joanna & David Delman
Jonathan Fassberg
Ellen & Gary Fischer
Joan & Howard Gellis
Laura Stein & Sam Goldfeder
Beth & Adam Goldstein
Randi & Steven Gordon
Stacy & Todd Gorelick
Luetta & Jay Gould
Lyn & Michael Green
Sharyn & Neil Handelsman
The Jacobson-Zander Family
Kathy Manning & Randall Kaplan
Annette Kirshner
Barbara & Jerry Levin
Julie & Howard Levine
Sandra & Leon Levine
     The Leon Levine Foundation
Debby & Ken Miller
Susan & Joe Nehmen
Wendy & Lee Pake
Michelle & Adam Parker
Marion & Stan Robboy
Erin & Keith Rosen
Rebecca & Richard C. Rosenberg
Sylvia & Norman Samet
Lisa & Michael Sandman
Toby Schonfeld & James Blasingame
Stacey & Bobby Selkin
Stanley & Phyllis Shavitz Family Fund
Diane & Steven Siegel
Lori & Eric Sklut
Sara Crown Star
Shelley & Ira Taub

Tobee & Leonard Kaplan (z”l)
     Chairs Emeriti

Members of the Board of Governors contribute $5,000 or more per year for three or more years; their multi-year support allows NC Hillel to plan and grow. Please contact Executive Director Ari Gauss at agauss@nchillel.org or (919) 942-4057 if you are interested in becoming a member of this giving society.

North Carolina Hillel Foundation
210 West Cameron Avenue
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(919) 942-4057

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