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NC Hillel condemns anti-Semitic flyers in UNC library

by Alisa Koyrakh | Apr 10, 2019

North Carolina Hillel is outraged that vicious anti-Semitic flyers, referring to “an evil Jewish plot,” were placed at Davis Library at UNC-Chapel Hill this week. The UNC Department of Public Safety is investigating the matter and no further details are yet available.

We are disgusted by the vile and hateful rhetoric on these flyers. The language is reminiscent of centuries-old, anti-Semitic rhetoric that incited the murder of thousands of Jews in pogroms throughout Eastern Europe and the murder of millions of Jews during the Holocaust. This racist, repulsive language has no place on any campus or in any society.

We are grateful that upon discovery of the flyers, library staff immediately followed procedure and reported it to the UNC administration, which has been responsive to the concerns of the Jewish community. The Chancellor’s Office has issued this statement, calling these messages "abhorrent." We continue to work with University officials to ensure this matter is properly addressed to protect the safety and respect of all members of the campus Jewish community. Our staff are here to support any student or community member who has concerns or would like to discuss this issue.

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