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Onward Israel: Making 26 new friends and finding the best coffee in Tel Aviv

Jul 25, 2019
By Chloe Greenfield, East Carolina University '20

The time had finally arrived! I landed at Ben Gurion Airport after a nearly 13-hour flight from North Carolina. As I was landing, I felt excited, nervous and SO ready to be back in Israel.As I was the last person in our Onward Israel cohort to arrive in Israel, I had no clue who was who, or if I would happen to know anyone. All I knew was that I was going to be 1 of 27 other Jewish North Carolina students living in an apartment in Tel Aviv, interning for the summer. Eventually I got to BINA (the campus hosting our Onward group), where I met the other participants who would soon grow to be great friends. We all got to know each other through numerous games, going in circles of “What’s your name, university and where are you interning?” We spent our first few days in Tel Aviv acquainting ourselves with the area, finding the cheapest grocery store, cutest coffee shops and of course, best places on the beach.

Our apartment is nestled right on the border of south Tel Aviv and about a 4-minute walk from Rothschild Blvd and exactly 1 mile from the beach. Communal living like no other, all 27 of us share the hallway which has an unsaid rule of an “open door policy.” Hearing guitar and singing from one room, discussing internships from another and making dinners together in the next. I can confidently say that until now, I never had 26 roommates.

This summer I am interning with a company called Human Vortex Training where I get to
work hands on with a world renowned personal trainer and multiple athletes. Need to know
how to do a deadlift in Hebrew? Now I can help you with that! Working in Israel has been quite an experience where I have been able to overcome language blocks, develop better time management skills and learn how to route my walk to work so I can grab a 5 shekel Coffix coffee.

Overall, my time on Onward has excelled past any expectations I had. Day trips to Jerusalem and Haifa, a shabbaton in the North and Akko and a weekend getaway hiking in Eilat and snorkeling with dolphins, everything has been impactful and memorable. So, if you’re reading this, go find out how to go on Onward because this is a summer that I will never forget and forever cherish.Onward Israel Group Photo

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