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NC Hillel condemns anti-Semitic language at Gaza conference; calls for academic review

Apr 12, 2019
Over the last two days, North Carolina Hillel has received evidence of anti-Semitic tropes being employed during the opening concert of the "Conflict over Gaza" conference that occurred March 22nd-24th at UNC-Chapel Hill. NC Hillel condemns all anti-Semitic and hate speech and greatly appreciates UNC senior leadership's rejection of such hateful language at the concert.

Given these events, however, NC Hillel requests that a Senior Administrative Review of the recent Gaza conference be commissioned, not only to inquire if the conference met rigorous academic standards devoid of bias, but also to determine if additional anti-Semitism or discrimination occurred that could contradict UNC policies.  

NC Hillel publicly expressed concerns on March 7th, prior to the conference, noting the likelihood that some speakers would openly demonize Israel, and the potential for anti-Semitic tropes being displayed or voiced. While NC Hillel fully supports academic freedom and freedom of speech, we indicated that if demonization occurred, we would speak out. After the conference, on March 26th, NC Hillel expressed disappointment that the conference indeed featured speakers who demonized Israel for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and we committed to requesting a review of the conference to determine if it met the criteria for rigorous academic standards and objective discourse.

NC Hillel will continue to work with the University and our Jewish community partners to ensure that UNC-Chapel Hill is free of anti-Semitism and all forms of hate speech, and will remain a welcoming campus for all Jewish students, faculty, and community members.

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