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Birthright Blog: somewhere between the Golan and Tel Aviv, we became a family

Dec 26, 2018

Family 2_ToucansThe time we spent in the North over Shabbat was beautiful; the views were absolutely breathtaking, and we really felt like our bus started coming together as we got to know each other. A group of us woke up early to see the sunrise from our kibbutz before heading to the Golan Heights. We want to take advantage of every minute we have on this trip to soak up the experiences.

We drove down from our kibbutz to Tel Aviv, where we got to experience our first night out in an Israeli city. We went to a bar called “Friends Underground,” where we met some awesome locals and even learned some Israeli dances!

The other members of our group have become our family away from home. Starting off as strangers on day one, we have been connecting, laughing and sharing stories ever since we arrived, making the relationship feel stronger and natural.

 - Family 2: the Toucans - Cody, Torrie, Daniel S., Noah H., Emily K.

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