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Birthright Blog: exploring the many facets of Tel Aviv

Dec 27, 2018

Family 3_AhavaWe woke up at our Tel Aviv hotel to an amazing breakfast with options aplenty. They had everything you could think of: omelets, yogurt, hummus, all kinds of veggies, cappuccinos and much more. We were excited to finish breakfast because it meant that it was time to welcome the newest members of our bus: our Israelis!

When everyone was finally introduced, we started moving towards the graffiti tour. The tour was an amazing introduction and explanation of street art in Tel Aviv. Our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable about the stories behind each painting and what they all meant. There was art of all kinds, everything from social issue awareness to abstract art to ultra-realism, and each piece seemed to have an amazing story behind it. Finally, at the end of the tour we were able to do some graffiti for ourselves and everyone had a great time drawing fun symbols and words on the walls of the alleyway.

Today we also had the opportunity to try out a new Israeli app, "Bite Moji," that guided us around Tel Aviv to learn about the history and food culture of different parts of the city - and best of all, we got to try a lot of the food! Everything was delicious. We also took some time to shop in the shuk, or market, downtown. There were so many shops, selling anything from falafel to Israeli candy that none of us had ever seen before to wacky souvenirs. Finally, we had some down time on the beach and enjoyed skipping stones into the cold water.

That evening, we got back onto the bus and drove to Arad, a city in the south of Israel. After a delicious dinner of schnitzel, chicken, hummus and vegetables, we came together for some reflection time like we have almost every night of the trip. We went over all the things we’ve done so far and discussed the significance of each place that we’ve visited. We also reflected on how we felt about being here, and it was an awesome experience to hear everyone expressing such warmth and gratitude to the group - we really have become a family!

- Family 3: Ahava (love) - Kahaniyah, Eli, Jack, Rachel, Levi

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