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Exploring Jerusalem

May 22, 2018
Update from the Kirkland Family:

Day 4We spent Friday night bringing in Shabbat as a community in Jerusalem by
eating dinner, singing songs, and reflecting on our day.

On Saturday morning we got to sleep in (!!!) for Shabbat. We then headed by foot to the Israel Museum. On the way we had the opportunity to take in Jerusalem on Shabbat, a much quieter, calmer version of the
city than we saw Friday afternoon in the shuk. We also walked down Ben Gurion Boulevard, where many important government buildings are located.

At the Israel Museum we had the opportunity to explore contemporary art, Jewish culture, and ancient artifacts, including the Dead Sea Scrolls. Some of our personal favorites from the museum included exhibits of synagogues from around the world, the rainbow wall, and
the ‘love’ statue where we took a family photo!

Day 4 b
After returning to our hotel, we heard from a speaker about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This gave our group the opportunity to make connections from other snippets of history we’ve heard about
while traveling around.

After dinner, we gathered to complete our “Mysterious Moses” gift exchange (think Secret Santa). Each member of our community exchanged small gifts we purchased for each other at the shuk before Shabbat. This activity gave us another opportunity to bond as a group.

Now we’re looking forward to celebrating Shavuot in Jerusalem!

We are the Kirkland family (the best fam):

Ethan Mendel, Ryan Fischer, Omri, Rachel Fellman, Courtney Marcus,
Hannah Seidenberg, Ariella Hirsch, Eilon and Adar

Editor's note: Students are split into smaller "families" for some activities. Each family will be sending us a blog update every few days. Birthright Israel blog posts are written by individual students and may not represent the opinion or position of North Carolina Hillel.

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