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First Day on Birthright

May 15, 2018
The Savage Family - Sam Savage, Leah Simon, Ruth Kintzele, Max Bazil, Connor Reilly, Josh Lawton

Day 1This morning we woke up and even though we were feeling a bit jet-lagged, it was so exciting to begin the day! After a quick breakfast at Aroma, the "Israeli Starbucks," according to Ran, we got on the bus. We started with a journey to Independence Hall, where Israel was founded. It was incredibly interesting for our group to see where the State of Israel began. Visiting Independence Hall was an amazing way to begin our trip. 

After Independence Hall we explored the beach and even got a chance to have some falafel for lunch. It was interesting to see what real, everyday Israeli life is like, and to be immersed with people in the culture that we're trying to blend into.

After lunch we took the bus back to Herzliya, where we experienced all that the booming technological start-up field had to offer. It was motivating to see Israel's amazing innovation at work.

Editor's note: Students are split into smaller "families" for some activities. Each family will be sending us a blog update every few days. Birthright Israel blog posts are written by individual students and may not represent the opinion or position of North Carolina Hillel.

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