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A Trip We'll Never Forget: Mount Herzl & Yad Vashem

Dec 24, 2017
Today, Sunday, December 24th, was an amazing but emotionally taxing day! For us a hard day usually means finals or a tough day at work; but for Israelis, any day could be a hard day.

Birthright 3 Really - SundayToday we visited Mount Herzl, the burial site for Israel's most beloved: Their former leaders and the Israeli Defense Force soldiers. We were moved by how young all of the soldiers who perished were. The majority of them were between 18 and 22 years of old when they died. This was a surreal experience, and really put things into perspective. We are so blessed and privileged in the U.S. to not have to serve in our military, and we have developed such tremendous respect for the soldiers both on the trip with us and as a whole.

We also visited Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial Center in Israel. Although the experience was different than most of us expected, it was definitely meaningful. 
Something that struck a chord with the whole group was the last part of the memorial, which is a memorial to the children who had died in the Holocaust. It was a dark room with a few candles that were reflected by mirrors to show the amount of children that were killed by Nazis. 
This trip as a whole has been incredibly meaningful, but this day in particular was something that we will never forget. 
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