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A Letter Home

Dec 20, 2017
Editor's note: Students are split into smaller "families" for some activities. Each family will be sending us a blog update every few days.
Hi Mom & Dad! 
Just finished our first full day in Israel and we are never coming home! Just kidding!! The theme of the day was borders and security.  We spent our time exploring the Golan heights and even had a chance to taste some Israeli wine. #yolo #IsraeliLife
Dec Birthright 2017 Photo
We started our day by going around and saying "wishes we had..." One wish that was said was to try the best falafel— and let me tell you, Israel did not disappoint in that. Afterwards, on our nature hike by the Banias river, we spilled secrets with our random “dates.” One of our prompts was to talk about our families—don’t worry your child hasn’t forgotten about you...yet. 
The biggest takeaway from the day was seeing how close Israel is to Lebanon and Syria. It really put into perspective how lucky we are to live in the U.S. and not feel threatened by war day to day.
We are now off to dinner and Israeli dancing! We are about to show everyone the dancing genes we inherited from you!! It has been a fun and tiring day. We are looking forward to more great things tomorrow. 
Sending our love, 
The Mishpachas AKA family in Hebrew
AKA the best family on this trip
AKA Rachel, Ariel, Aliyah, Kate L, Samuel R, David B and Yair

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