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Birthright Israel | Tel Aviv

May 22, 2017
TLV S17 2
We started our morning in South Tel Aviv with the BINA organization. The neighborhood is home to many asylum seekers and immigrants, and the BINA organization helps to settle in and assist these residents in any way that they can.

Following a tour of the area, we discussed Israeli immigration
TLV S17 policy and how these laws coincide with Jewish values. The discussion allowed us to get to know one another better and it opened the door for us all to explore our Jewish identities and what it means for us.

Next, we traveled north to see the financial district of Tel Aviv. We got to visit the Taglit Birthright Innovation Center where we learned about the startups and technology that have originated in Israel. Many of us were blown away by how advanced the Israeli industry is.

Following the Innovation Center, we headed to Tel Aviv Beach, where we all got to swim, lay out, eat and explore. The free time allowed to us to get to know each other more, as we passed the football, took photos and walked along the beach. 

Ultimately, the day was a mix of everything: from touring a low income area right to experiencing the high tech industry to goofing around on the beach. The day painted the idea of how diverse Tel Aviv is and showed us just how much there is to do in this wonderful city.

Written by: Gaby Jeifa, Ariel Natt, Gaby Matalon, Sarah Richman, Phil Shechtman, and Rom Profesorsky

Birthright Israel blog posts are written by individual students and may not represent the opinion or position of North Carolina Hillel.

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