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Hillel Hangouts at NC State

Mar 07, 2017

Eric SchwartzStudents have been coming weekly to the Woodward Student Involvement Center at NC State University for multiple reasons, but there is a new reason why Jewish students come from 3 to 6 on Tuesdays. Students have been coming to Hillel Hangouts to get great food, hang out with friends, and do homework since the start of the school year. It allows students to enjoy a variety of snacks through Hillel and relieve stress with our friends. Friendships are forming, ideas for future Hillel activities are being created and the our Hillel community is growing. For me, these Hillel hangouts are times in the middle of the week to relax with friends and create real long-lasting relationships with each other.

NCSU Bagel Brunch '17Overall, the Hillel at NC State is constantly growing and improving. I think this is because of events like Hillel Hangouts, Shabbat and other programs that strengthen the community from within. Within these programs we are able to produce great ideas for the future. In one of the hangout sessions, students came up with the idea of a “Matzah Ball,” a party for Jewish students at Hillels across the state, that will be take place in March. I don’t just go to Hillel for food, I go to be with friends and to be a part of a Jewish community in college.

Eric Schwartz (in the photo on the right) is a Sophomore studying Business Administration with a minor in Sustainable Energy at NC State University from Raleigh, NC. Eric is the public relations chair for NC State and outside of Hillel, he is a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi, Net Impact, and the American Marketing Association.

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