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Introducing UNC Hillel's new leadership team!

Jan 25, 2017

This past week at Hillel was a wonderful week of leadership training. Our original date for the team training was rescheduled due to snow, but once we all thawed, our new UNC Hillel Leadership team got right to work, learning the fundamentals of Hillel leadership. As a team, they learned about Hillel as an organization, discovered parts of their own leadership styles, shared about their Jewish journeys, and gained an understanding of the use of data in our work.

One highlight of the day was an activity called Leadership True Colors, in which each student took an assessment to determine if they were a relational leader, a structured leader, an impulsive leader, or a logical leader. They then broke out into groups based on their leadership style and planned a hypothetical trip together. Through this activity, they were able to further understand their personal leadership motivation and decision-making process.

Another highlight was the Jewish Journey Mapping session. Each student leader created their own Jewish journey map, marking significant Jewish moments in their lives. This included obvious occasions like b’nai mitzvah or a Birthright trip but also less apparent moments such as moving to a new school or having a conversation with a parent. The beauty of this activity is that no two maps are ever the same, but there are many common threads. It shows students that while they have many things in common, they also each have a unique story to tell.

Later in the week, the programming and engagement teams met separately to delve into their own missions as a team. The engagement team, led by Co-President Meredith Blumberg, discussed the basics of Hillel’s model of relationship-based engagement and goals for the year. A new part of this program is ongoing trainings throughout the semester on different parts of engagement such as coffee dates, community organizing strategies, how to talk about Judaism, learning from student interests, and more. The programming team, led by Noaam Zahavi, learned how to plan a program with kavanah, or intention, and how to delegate tasks to others.

I am incredibly excited about this new leadership team. They are motivated, passionate, and driven and I am eager to see how they take charge of programming and engagement this year! I’m pleased to introduce our programming and engagement teams!

Lauren Fine is the Student Leadership Coordinator for UNC Hillel.

Engagement Team UNC 17

(Engagement team) From left: Lauren Gaeta, Meredith Blumberg (Co-President), Rachel Lipman, Alix Kozin

Programming Team UNC 17

(Programming team) From left (top row): Liron Bejamin (Holocaust Remembrance Chair), Emily Adcock (Interfaith Chair), Dan Barondes (Israel Chair), Zoe Brown (Week of Welcome Chair), Philip Shechtman (First Year Co-Chair) From left (bottom row): Ayla Kaufman (Programming Chair), Leah Simon (Tzedek Chair), Noaam Zahavi (Co-President) Not pictured: Katy Smith (Religious Chair), David Fine (First Year Co-Chair) Maya Vexler (Vice President)

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