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Birthright Israel | Adventures in Tel Aviv

Dec 28, 2016

Rabin bust Dec 2016After a delicious breakfast this morning in the Leonardo Hotel, we left Netanya to explore Tel Aviv. Our first stop was visiting the memorial for Yitzhak Rabin, an Israeli prime minister who strongly advocated for peace in the Middle East. His memorial included a statue of him and a collection of disrupted stone slabs to represent the shattered attempt at peace. Afterwards on the bus, we listened to the song Rabin sang right before his assassination, which was a touching piece about peace.

Next we went to downtown Tel Aviv and explored the market stalls while enjoying shwarma and falafel during our last full day in Israel. We then went to Independence Hall, where we really enjoyed learning about Israel's fight for independence and how a few key decisions decided the fate of the State of Israel.

Our last main stop was in Jaffa, where we walked around downtown and learned about the ancient city. After a long day, we made it back to the hotel to get ready for our flights home (for those not extending).

- (L-R, above) Sam Jasper (NC State), Brett Phillips (RIT), Alexandra Zuckerman (UNC Chapel Hill), Zoe Brown (UNC Chapel Hill), Justin Finkelstein (UNC Chapel Hill)

Herzl Ind Hall Dec 2016

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