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Birthright Israel | Exploring the Negev Desert

Dec 27, 2016
Note: our students are broken into clusters, or "families," during the trip. Each family is submitting a blog entry. This blog is from "The Katz family."‚Äč

Katz family blog Dec 2016

Katz fam Birthright blog2 Dec 2016

Katz p3 Dec 2016

Katz 4 Dec 2016

Katz 5 Dec 2016

Katz 6 Dec 2016

- The Katz Family: Lee Daniel (NC State), Debbie Mitchell (NC State), Kaila Eckstein (UNC Chapel Hill), Gabi Stein (UNC Chapel Hill), Ben Gordon (UNC Charlotte), Tal (Israeli peer)

Birthright Israel blog posts are written by individual students and may not represent the opinion or position of North Carolina Hillel.

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