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Birthright Israel | Bus 229 connects past and present

Dec 28, 2015

Kotel Winter 2015Although almost our entire trip has been pure fun and enjoyment, we took a day off of our fun shenanigans to visit Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust Memorial. This was one of the more moving moments of the trip. All of the group seemed very inspired by this visit, where we heard about the personal stories of Holocaust victims and gained a greater perspective on the tragedy.

Before visiting Yad Vashem we went to Mt. Hertzl. The stories of fallen soldiers and leaders of Israel touched all of us, and everyone seemed to feel a greater bond with the Israeli people both past and present.

The next day we went to Masada, which is one of the most beautiful places to visit (as I'm sure anyone who has been could attest)! We all received the letters that our parents wrote, which impacted all of us greatly.

Between the stories of our people's struggles and the special letters, Masada was one of the most impactful moments of the trip. After the hike we went to the Dead Sea, where everyone floated around. The mud seemed to exfoliate everybody's pores, and I've never seen a better looking group of people!

Hope this post eases your worries, as everyone is safe and having a great time. 

This post was written by Jacob Maniloff (UNC-Charlotte '17), Ari Menaker (UNC-Chapel Hill '16) and Josh Siar (University of Georgia '18).

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