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NC State Hillel shares art for Human Rights Day

Dec 01, 2015
NC State tallis art piece
This year's annual observance of Human Rights Day at NC State University on December 1 focused on the intersection of spirituality, faith and values and the protection and promotion of human rights. Alongside graphic stories about the world's five largest religions, student organizations including NC State Hillel created displays for an interactive exhibit in the Talley Student Center.

With the help of Jewish Life Associate Julie Harris, NC Hillel's professional staff member at NC State, students Darren Lipman and Miriam Roochvarg created a tallis (prayer shawl) art piece woven with paper printed with Hebrew verses. 

The art piece also featured a photo of Reverend Martin Luther King at a civil rights march in Montgomery, Alabama with Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath. Rabbi Heschel famously described his involvement in the protests in Selma and Montgomery: "For many of us the march from Selma to Montgomery was about protest and prayer. Legs are not lips and walking is not kneeling. And yet our legs uttered songs. Even without words, our march was worship. I felt my legs were praying."

Pictured below is Miriam Roochvarg with NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson, who joined student leaders in the afternoon for coffee and to explore the Human Rights Day exhibits.Miriam Roochvarg and Chancellor Woodson

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