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Thank you for your interest in applying for Hillel's Leadership Team. We are looking forward to creating an amazing team of student leaders for Fall of 2019 and Spring 2019. Applications are due on November 28th at 7pm. We will reach out to you for interviews between November 28th and December 4th. If you would like to apply, please visit this link to access the application. 


General Responsibilities
(BOTH Programming and Engagement Teams)

  • Attend weekly team meetings and occasional combined meetings

  • Attend and support at least half of the Shabbats at UNC Hillel

  • Support and attend events planned by Programming team and Staff

  • Attend all high impact events (i.e. Reading of the Names)

  • Publicize and share events on social media and in person (during coffee dates and in passing)

  • Engage and attend scheduled training sessions on engagement

  • Create and attain goals as a collective team

  • Act as a liaison between Hillel and the Jewish student body

  • Plan semester calendar by January 26th

  • Attend a mandatory UNC leadership retreat January 8th

  • Attend a mandatory Statewide Leadership Retreat January 25th-27th

Programming Team

  • Attend bi-weekly meetings with Emily Siegel and your designated staff member

FYSH (First Year Students of Hillel) Chair

  • Organize events specifically for FYSH (First Year Students)

  • Connect and engage with first years

  • Plan FYSH Retreat (Weekend Retreat in Fall 2019)

  • Create engaging programs for the mentorship program; Pair Big & Little FYSH

  • Work closely with Tamara to organize events

  • Oversee Week of Welcome (WoW) committee

*Bagels on the Quad, Campus Tour/Interest Meeting, etc.

*Responsible for selecting members and delegating responsibilities to them

  • Includes prior planning over the summer

Multicultural Chair

  • Plan Interfaith Shabbat in cooperation with Shabbat interns

  • Work with other student organizations and faith groups to plan these programs

  • Organize Reading of the Names, Kristallnacht programs, other Holocaust related programs, and Anti-Semitism awareness programs

  • Work closely with Rabbi Melissa to organize events

Israel Chair

  • Take interest in educating others about the current state of Israel and Israeli culture

  • Plan Israel Shabbat, Israel Fest, and Israel-related activities

  • Promote Birthright and other Jewish summer and winter opportunities (including Onward Israel)

  • Work closely with Yarden to execute programs

Religious Chair

  • Plan educational and social programming for High Holidays, Passover, Sukkot and other important religious events throughout the year

  • Manage Sukkah building

  • Design programs to train future Shabbat ritual leaders in collaboration with Shabbat interns

  • Assist with planning large-scale Shabbats (i.e. Food Truck Shabbat and Shabbat in the Union)

  • Work closely with Rabbi Melissa to organize events

  • Oversee Holiday Committee

Tzedek Chair

  • Plan and execute social justice activities

  • Organize Good Deeds Day and other service events

  • Work with Shabbat interns to plan Social Justice Shabbat

  • Collaborate with other organizations on campus

  • Work closely with Tamara to organize events

Engagement Team

  • Attend in-depth coffee date and engagement etiquette training

  • Set attainable goals, and be held accountable once goals are set

  • Attend and support events planned by the programming team -- Engage at these events

  • Reach out to students who have not been previously engaged by staff/engagement team

  • Send personal invites to students about upcoming programs (E.g. over Facebook messenger or by email/text message)

  • Be in attendance at Shabbat for both personal & engagement purposes

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