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Leadership Team 2018

Hillel Leadership Team

Programming Team


  • Working with a team to plan and run all Hillel programs

    • There will be an opt-out system, so not every person will work on every program

  • Each team member will have a specific position (i.e. Tzedek Chair, Interfaith Chair, Israel Chair, FYSH Chair, Holocaust Education Chair, Religious Chair, Week of Welcome Chair, etc.) which will determine which programs they are in charge of

  • 3-5 hour-a-week commitment

  • 1 hour team meeting weekly

A great candidate...

  • Thinks creatively to plan innovative programs

  • Works well with a team

  • Is passionate about the Jewish community

  • Wants their leadership skills to grow and evolve

  • Seeks experience leading the Jewish community

"What Hillel programming will I be responsible for?"
The programming team is responsible for planning all programs except for Shabbat dinner and services (unless there is a special collaboration) and High Holiday services. There are a few other exceptions that may come up during the year that are staff-lead initiatives. Each programming team member will have a chair position, which determines what types of programs they are responsible for planning. Some chairs have ongoing programs they must plan. For example, the Holocaust Education Chair must plan Reading of the Names and the Israel Chair must plan IsraelFest. However, these chairs also have the opportunity to innovate and plan new programs, just as the other chair positions do.

"Who will lead the program planning?"
You will! The programming team will have a President, but when the team is working on a program aligned with your chair position, you are in charge!

"Will I be working on every program?"
Nope. As chair, you will be responsible for running your programs and also helping out with programs that the other chairs are working on. However, there will be an opt-out system, which allows you to opt out of working on a certain number of programs each semester (number TBD by team President) so you do not get overloaded.

"What are the chair positions?"
The current chair positions are Tzedek Chair, Interfaith Chair, Israel Chair, FYSH Chair, Holocaust Education Chair, Religious Chair, Week of Welcome Chair, and Israel Chair. These chair positions are determined by the incoming Programming President and are subject to change. The President is open to chair position suggestions, so feel free to share ideas!


Engagement Team


  • 3 2-hour trainings on relationship-based engagement in January/February

  • Engaging students at 2 Shabbats and 1 Hillel program a month

  • Taking students out on coffee dates

  • Recruiting students to assist the programming team

  • 3-5 hour-a-week commitment

A great candidate...

  • Is passionate about community building and/or seeks to learn community building skills

  • Enjoys meeting new people and hearing their stories!

  • Is interested in deepening the Jewish experience at UNC

  • Wants their engagement skills to grow and evolve

  • Seeks experience in Jewish leadership

"What is Relationship-Based Engagement?"
Relationship-Based Engagement is the act of reaching others, getting to know them, and connecting with them on the basis of their interests, ambitions, and passions. 

"Why is Engagement important?"
Engagement helps students feel more connected to the Jewish community, as though they have a pathway (you!) directly to it. Engagement also ensures that students are always being spoken to at programs and gives you the tools to connect them with other students and with their Jewish interests. 

"Will I be responsible for attending every Hillel program?"
While we would love to see your shining face at every program, attending every program is not required. As an engagement chair, you will be responsible for engaging at 2 Shabbats a month and 1 other program. These numbers are guidelines for the Engagement President, so they are subject to change.  

Communications Coordinator

  • Creating and implementing systems of communication between programming and engagement teams, staff and students, and Hillel and the campus community

  • Writing the weekly newsletter

  • Managing a cohesive calendar for Hillel student leaders

  • Creating a plan for social media accounts

  • Meeting with programming team president, engagement team president, and Lauren weekly to plan, check-in, and coordinate

  • Meeting with Lauren to create plan for social media, develop systems of communication, etc. (frequency tbd)

  • Acting as “treasurer” for the University’s needs

  • Attending some programming team meetings a month – frequency tbd

  • This position is a 5-7 hour-a-week commitment

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