3 Ways to Celebrate Passover at Hillel! (2)PASSOVER BEGINS Monday, April 10th! There are three ways to celebrate with Hillel! 

1. Passover Your Way: UNC Hillel will provide everything you need to host your own seder with your friends! Email Lauren to host a seder at your home.
Passover Your Way FAQs
We are not able to accommodate any more requests for Passover Your Way. See Below to RSVP for Seders at Hillel.

2. RSVP Here to Attend a Seder at UNC Hillel:
First Seder - Monday, April 10th 
Social Justice Seder - Tuesday April 11th 
Women's Seder hosted by SRL - Sunday April 16th 
Queer Seder - Monday April 17th 

3. Sign up for UNC Hillel's Passover Meal Plan
Sign ups for the Passover Meal Plan are now closed. 

Passover Your Way

We are not able to accommodate any further requests to host a Passover Your Way Seder. RSVP Here to attend a Seder at UNC Hillel.

What Hillel provides: We will provide everything for your Seder table from the Haggadot (prayer books for the Seder meal), to the food, plates and utensils, to a training to lead your Seder. 

What Seder leaders provide:
You are in charge of providing a space that has room for your guests and an oven to heat the food up in (Hillel can help you find a space and lend you tables and chairs if you need). Leaders are also responsible for volunteering (or recruiting guests to volunteer) for three hours in the week before or during Passover to help cook, and picking up food and supplies the day of their Seder.

See Passover Your Way FAQs or email Lauren for more information about hosting your own Seder.

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Passover Meal Plan

Sign up here for UNC Hillel's Passover Meal Plan by Friday April 7th at 5pm to be guaranteed food for non-Seder meals.

Kosher for Passover lunch and dinner will be available throughout the week. 

On weekends and days classes are not in session (April 14th-16th) all meals will be served at NC Hillel (210 W. Cameron Ave.). On days classes are in session (April 11th-13th and 17th-18th) boxed lunches will be available in the FPG Union, Room 2423 (on the main floor, back behind the auditorium) and dinners will be available at Hillel.

Lunch will be available from 12:00pm -1:30pm.
Dinner will be available from 6:00pm - 7:30pm.

We encourage you to purchase a Passover meal plan. Meal plan revenue helps pay just a small fraction of our Passover costs; it is mostly designed to ensure that there is enough food for everyone who needs it. Signing up for the full week means you will get two delicious meals every day (for UNC staff, faculty and students) for $30. You can also sign up for all lunches or all dinners for $18 each. Sign up using the form below. The deadline for signing up for a meal plan is Monday, March 27th.

If you do not purchase a meal plan by March 27th, you will have the option of purchasing individual lunches on location for $3. We will have a limited amount of extra food for purchase.  The only way to guarantee food availability is to sign up for a meal plan before the deadline.

Please note: On the evenings of April 10th and April 11th, seder meals will be held at Hillel. No other meals will be served those evenings.
RSVP here to attend Seders at Hillel.

Friday April 14th will be a regular Shabbat dinner (kosher for Passover) and will be free for UNC Students, Faculty and Staff. RSVP on our Shabbat page to join us.

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Passover Your Way FAQs

Q: I’ve never led a seder before. Can I do it?
A: You certainly can! There will be workshops to train all the leaders. All seder leaders will be required to attend one of these sessions. Contact Rabbi Jenny for more information.

Q: Do I have to lead the seder by myself?
A: Absolutely not! We encourage students to lead in groups of two or three in order to make it a comfortable and collaborative process.

Q: I have plans to be with my family for seder on Monday April 10th. Can I lead a seder at UNC another night?
A: Yes! Students are invited to lead a seder on any of the nights of Passover (Monday April 10th - Monday April 17th).

Q: Do I have to lead a “traditional” seder?
A: No, because there is no such thing as a “traditional” seder! While there are traditional elements to the seder, the Passover seder is about mixing it up and making it your own by asking questions, telling stories, and exploring the themes of Passover in new and creative ways that are inspiring to you and your friends. Contact Rabbi Jenny for resources and ideas.

Q: What if I can’t read or speak Hebrew?
A: No problem. You can include as much or as little Hebrew in your seder as you would like, and Hillel will support you in learning what you need for your seder.

Q: By when do I have to commit to leading?
A: Please email Lauren requesting to host a seder by March 24th.

Q: How many guests can I have?
A: Each seder should have at least 8 participants, with no more than 25. 

Q: Do all my guests have to be Jewish?
No. In fact, it’s common in many communities to invite non-Jewish guests to seders. 

Q: If I want to make new Jewish friends, can Hillel direct students I don’t know to my seder?
Yes. Hillel expects to hear from students who want to attend a seder but haven’t been invited to one, and we hope to be able to place them in seders like yours. If you want to host only your friends, that’s great too.

Q: By when do I have to have my guest list?
A: Hillel needs a list of your guests’ names and email addresses by Friday, March 31st. 

Q: What about the food?
A: You have a choice between preparing the meal yourself and having Hillel provide it for you. Or Hillel can provide some of the food and you can cook some. It’s up to you! 

Q: Will the food be kosher for Passover?
A: Not all hosts’ kitchens will be made kosher-for-Passover (a process that involves removing all bread and other leavened items, cleaning or replacing utensils, pots and plates). All food from Hillel’s kitchen will be kosher-for-Passover. If you would like to make your kitchen kosher-for-Passover, Hillel can help you. 

Q: What if my guests or I are vegetarians or vegans?
Hillel can provide vegetarian food, but will need to know how many vegetarian guests you expect. If you are interested in vegan food or have other specific food requirements (no nuts, gluten free, etc.), please contact Lauren as soon as possible.

Q: I live in a dorm that doesn’t have a great space to host. Can I still lead a seder?
A: Yes. We can look into reserving space in the Union or another student space, or you may be able to hold your seder at Hillel.

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