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FYSH (pronounced fish) stands for First Year Students of Hillel. It is UNC Hillel's program specifically for new students. Our goal is to allow first years meet new people, get involved, and have amazing experiences with other students who are beginning their college careers.

Through innovative programs and engaging activities, FYSH’s main goal is to create a welcoming community for students to be a part of. Join our Facebook group or contact Tamara for more information about our FYSH programming.

Some of our signature events include:
  • First Year Retreat: UNC Hillel’s FYSH retreat is an opportunity to get to know your fellow First Years during a free Shabbaton weekend in North Carolina nature! We will be celebrating Shabbat, hiking in the mountains or exploring beaches, and hanging out with one another. Dates are September 13-15th, 2019. Location will be announced soon! Contact Tamara with any questions.
  • Big Fish, Little FYSH: Sign up here for UNC Hillel's First Year Mentorship Program. Our first event will be posted soon. Contact Tamara for more information.
North Carolina Hillel Foundation
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