Executive Board Elections

Executive Board Elections are currently underway at UNC Hillel! Anyone can come vote at the front desk of Hillel until 6PM Thursday the 17th. 
The open positions are Programming President, Engagement President, and Communications Vice President
Questions? Contact Lauren Fine (

Executive Board Candidates

Noaam Zahavi - Programming President Candidate

Hey Friends!
My name is Noaam and I am a sophomore studying biochemistry. Other than chemistry my passions include snowboarding, hiking, traveling, listening to live music, meeting new people, and being Jewish!
I am running for programming president because I believe it is an opportunity to make an impact on our campus's Jewish community. I have so many program ideas that I've been think about and so many more from other organizations I'm involved in. I want to use my ideas to make Hillel  the place I imagined it would be when I first decided to come to Carolina. I think I am fit for this job because I served on the board this past year planning programs and watching my fellow board members do the same. Throughout this year I was able to see what program techniques worked and which ones needed improvements.
Additionally, I worked as a first year chair and got to meet and form relationships with many new Hillel members who are excited to work on the board. I am sure that the relationships I formed will help me be a great leader for those passionate about Hillel.
Together I believe that we can make Hillel an inclusive community where Jewish students and students interested in Judaism can meet each other and learn about the culture and history of Judaism through interesting programs. Thank you so much!

Meredith Blumberg - Engagement President Candidate

My name is Meredith and I am running for Engagement president. I am currently a senior studying both health policy and management, at the public health school, and psychology. I was Hillel vice president last year, in 2015, and during my time as vice president my goal was to make Hillel a more inclusive and open space for everyone. During my time as engagement president, I will want to continue this goal. My specific plans to continue this goal is to reach out a wide variety of students to get their personal input on how to make Hillel more inclusive. I am committed to proactively using this input to plan diverse events at Hillel that interest a wide variety of people, as well as consider small changes that Hillel can implement to make more students feel comfortable coming here.

Another way I will continue with my overarching goal is by connecting Hillel with more campus groups to collaborate with them on important issues and plan joint events. I think it is important for Hillel to continue to foster diversity and discussion as a means of opening up the space to many times of people. Some of the specific groups I want to reach out to include the LGBTQ center, UNC MSA, Feminist Students United, and Black Lives Matter.

I really want to serve as engagement president for two reasons. One is that I really appreciate having been involved in Hillel, and I am excited to help other students get involved through personal engagement. I consider myself to be relatable in 1:1 settings, so I think I will do well with this task and with encouraging people to explore the ways that Hillel can be beneficial and important to them. I am also excited to serve as engagement president because of its community organizing role. I have a lot of experience with community organizing tools from other organizations I am involved with, and I am excited to teach these tools to anyone who is interested. I really want to inspire others to use these tools to further causes they care about, whether that be through Hillel or other organizations. Lastly, I am excited in general to give back to Hillel one more time before I graduate, because being involved with Hillel has helped me grow a lot and the community here has given me a ton of support during my four years at Carolina.

Maya Vexler - Communications Vice President Candidate

Hello! My name is Maya Vexler and I am a pre-dental student here at UNC. I hope to become the Hillel communications Vice President so that I may give to other students what Hillel gave to me. When I first arrived at UNC, I struggled with a lot of feelings of homesickness. Engaging with the Jewish community at Hillel gave me a sort of home away from home, and helped me a lot in my transition to UNC. I hope to be a part of this organization board so that I may help other students feel the same closeness to the Jewish community that I felt.  As the Communications Vice President, I hope to use my efficiency, diligence, organization skills, and love for engaging with other people to increase Hillel's scope at UNC. 

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