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UNC Hillel students are participating in an Alternative Spring Break Trip to New York! 

Six students have committed their week-long spring break to go and serve those in need and to learn about the intersections surrounding Judaism and Justice. Students will travel to Brooklyn, NY with Repair The World, an organization committed to connecting young Jews with meaningful service  

We need your help and support: 

To make this trip possible, each student needs to raise around $200 which brings our group total to $1200. You can support our students by clicking the "support" button by their profiles or contribute to the group's fund by donating online here. To support us by sending cash or check, please send an envelope to:

Attn: Rabbi Melissa Simon
North Carolina Hillel
210 West Cameron Ave.
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

If you have any questions about our ASB trip or why we are doing them, please reach out. We would love to share what's happening in the life at Hillel with you.

Learn about these six unique students and what moves them to sacrifice their spring break to improve their community. 

Hello my name is Kendra Watkins.
R Melissa and Kendra
I'm a junior Jewish studies and Sociology  double major at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. I am excited to go to New York with NC Hillel's Alternative Spring Break in partnership with Repair the World. This trip bridges two of my passions -  Judaism and social justice - and is a great opportunity for me to learn more about faith-based organizing.
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Hello my name is Leah Simon.
I'm a Sophomore at UNC studying Global Studies most likely. I am passionate about hands on service and its intersection with Judaism as well as interacting with people of different backgrounds so I'm beyond thrilled to be going on the Alternative Spring Break trip to New York City with Repair the World. We all would so greatly appreciate any support you would be able to offer to make our tip possible or if you could help spread the word about us that would be immensely appreciated as well.

Support Leah 

Hello my name is Brayan Corona.

I'm a pre-medical student, who is majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. And I’m really excited to go to the Hillel alternative spring break trip, to help out communities in New York. I love volunteering and helping those in need. I recently returned from a UNC sponsored medical missionary trip to communities in Honduras. I’m super excited to go on Hillel's alternative spring break trip!
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Hello my name is Chris Batts.
Chris b
I am a senior studying Global Studies with the goal to use my global knowledge to help people. I would be honored to have your support to allow me to use my Spring Break to help people in NYC.
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Hello my name is Jill Levinson
Jill L family shot
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Hello my name is Ben Weinberg.
Ben w
I am a first-year at UNC-CH studying Biochemistry and Music and I have chosen to take part in this alternative spring break because I want to be a part of immediate and progressive change in racial injustice and food insecurity in the U.S.
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Hello my name is Bethany Beznos.

I am a junior studying chemistry at UNC-CH. This Alternative Spring Break trip is a fantastic opportunity for me to gain a better understanding of the struggles people face with food insecurity and social justice in the U.S. while also putting my spring break to good use volunteering.  
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North Carolina Hillel Foundation
210 West Cameron Avenue
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(919) 942-4057

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