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UNC Hillel is a community of undergraduate and graduate students that seek to celebrate Jewish life and learning at UNC Chapel Hill. From social events to holidays to Jewish learning and Israel students explore Judaism from a myriad of perspectives. There are approximately 1300 Jewish students at UNC Chapel Hill (4-5% of the total student population). Our building, located half a block from the Carolina Inn on Cameron Ave., welcomes students to events as well as providing space to study, snack, relax and hang out.

Shabbat at UNC Hillel
Breaking bread on Shabbat
One of the most cherished events at UNC Hillel is the weekly Shabbat celebration. Students gather at Hillel (210 W. Cameron Ave) at 6:15pm on Fridays for welcoming, egalitarian student-led services, including Reform, Conservative and Alternative/discussion services. Following services, a delicious, free Kosher dinner begins at 7:30pm. Students are welcome to come to services, dinner, or both! RSVP here so we know when you will join us. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay updated about Shabbat themes and special events.

Shabbat Babayit

UNC Hillel also offers students the chance to host their own Shabbat dinner at home (Shabbat Babayit). We will provide you with  a kit containing candles,* candlesticks, paper plates, silverware, wine* or grape juice, prayerbooks and kippot. We can also help pay for the food you serve**.   Kits must be picked up no later than 5:00 p.m. that Friday at NC Hillel.  Please RSVP by the Wednesday before the Shabbat you are hosting. 

Shabbat in the Union
Each Fall UNC Hillel host Shabbat in the Union, a chance for the entire campus community to celebrate Shabbat together in a common space. This event features the three services that we typically host at Hillel (Reform, Conservative and Alternative/discussion), as well as a free catered meal and a performance by one of UNC's famous a capella groups.

* Check with your RA or landlord to ensure that items comply with all rules and regulations of your living situation.

** Contact Michelle Brownstein Horowitz with questions or for more information about reimbursement.

Holidays with UNC Hillel

Hillel provides opportunities for students to celebrate major Jewish holidays on campus. For Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we have services and kosher meals, as well as opening our building for students to rest and relax during their observance. For Sukkot we have a sukkah at Hillel's building, as well as one on campus (in collaboration with Chabad) for all community members to eat in and spend time together.

For Passover we offer Passover Your Way, for students who want to host a seder for their friends. UNC Hillel gives students training, ritual items, food and anything else they need to create a memorable experience. There are also meals at Hillel for those who do not attend student-hosted seders. Additionally, Hillel offers Kosher for Passover meal plans at lunch and dinner throughout the week.

Kosher Dining at UNC Chapel Hill

There is currently no Kosher meal plan at UNC Chapel Hill. Hillel provides free meals on Friday nights, as well as occasional weeknight events prepared in our Kosher kitchen. We also provide free Kosher meals for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Passover to current UNC Chapel Hill students. Contact Michelle Brownstein Horowitz if you would like information about food at UNC Hillel.

Other Jewish Life and Resources at UNC Chapel Hill

UNC Hillel also works closely with other student groups on campus. We have strong partnerships with AEPi (the Jewish fraternity), SRL (the Jewish-interest sorority), Heels for Israel and J Street UNC.

If you’re interested in Jewish studies at UNC Chapel Hill, visit the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies. This center offers a B.A. with a concentration in Jewish Studies, a Jewish Studies minor,  and a Hebrew Minor. Students can take a variety of courses on Judaism, Jewish History and Culture, as well as others to satisfy the minor or for their free electives.

There are many opportunities to study abroad at UNC Chapel Hill and a myriad of ways to do so while exploring your Jewish identity! In addition to four accredited UNC study abroad programs in Israel, there is also a Jewish studies program in Prague, and programs directly through the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies, such as the Buenos Aires Summer program. Many students participate in other study abroad programs but find ways to explore the Jewish communities in their host countries. Contact Michelle Brownstein Horowitz for more information about Jewish opportunities when you study abroad.

We also work in partnership with Rohr Chabad of UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University and encourage students to explore all facets of the Jewish community in the Research Triangle area.

North Carolina Hillel Foundation
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