2019 Tobacco Road Tzedakah Cup

Tzedakah Cup UNC 2019
We're gearing up to take the Cup for the second year in a row. While the Tar Heels battle the Blue Devils on the court, we need YOUR help to outraise and outnumber Duke young alumni! Your contribution will support free Shabbat meals, late night study breaks, and upcoming Passover Seders--all while crushing Dook!

How to give:

1) Venmo! @NorthCarolina-Hillel

2) Give online on our secure web page!

3) Want to give a gift designated directly to UNC Hillel through UNC-Chapel Hill? Click here! This will ensure your gift counts towards university giving circles. When you receive your email receipt from UNC, please forward it to, so that we can be sure to count it towards the Cup!

4) Mail a check: Make it out to North Carolina Hillel. Send to 210 W. Cameron Ave., Chapel Hill, NC 27516 - and be sure to let Development Associate Alisa Koyrakh know you've sent it so she can include it in the daily totals! (Contact info below)

5) We can also accept gifts of stock or mutual funds. Get in touch with Alisa for instructions. 

Please consider making a gift to support Jewish life on campus at Carolina and help us beat Dook. The challenge begins February 18th!

Join the Tzedakah Cup challenge!

Current totals 

UNC logo
from 25 donors
UNC Hillel

Duke logo
from 9 donors
Duke Hillel

The rules:

  1. Only donations from alumni from the past 15 years (graduation years 2004 - 2018) can be counted toward the challenge.
  2. Donations must be made during the challenge - pledges don't count toward the totals.
  3. The competition will run from 12:00 a.m. on Monday February 18 to 11:59 p.m. on Monday March 11, with the winner announced the following week.
  4. Donations must be a minimum of $18 per individual donor (for married alumni couples to be counted as two donations, gift must total $36 or more).
  5. The winning campus is determined by the number of young alumni who donated (not the dollar amount).

Any questions? Reach out to Alisa Koyrakh at or give her a call at (919) 942-4057.

Thanks to the following class captains for their help reaching out to their classmates for support throughout this competition. Don't see your class represented? Interested in helping out as a class captain? We'd love to have you! Email Alisa at 

2019 Class Captains

Rachel Greene, 2004
David Krusch, 2005
Ruthie Warshenbrot, 2005
Jonathan Friedman, 2007
Rachel Friedman, 2007
Greta Rosen, 2007
Alison Linas, 2009
Dustin Tupper, 2010
Lauren Mendel Ossey, 2012
Andrew Putterman, 2012
Shayna Putterman, 2013
Jodie Singer, 2013
Josh Orol, 2014
Noam Soker, 2014
Jason Cooper, 2014
Carter McCormick, 2015
Beth Zaleon, 2015
Averyl Edwards, 2017
Adam Shapiro, 2017
Michael Tommer, 2018
Sami Wertheim, 2018

2019 Young Alumni Donors

Yelena Aleksandrovich, 2009
Jason Cooper, 2014
Ben Couch, 2005
Collin Davis, 2015
Averyl Edwards, 2017
Adam Geller, 2005
Amanda Goldfarb, 2010 and Jay Frushtick, 2010
Blair and Jeff Goldsmith, 2011
Gabriel Gorelick, 2014
Noa Havivi, 2017
Jessie Lunk, 2010 and Daniel Lunk, 2008
Howard Myones, 2008
Pamela Partridge, 2017
Sara Planer, 2017
Shayna Putterman, 2013 and Andrew Putterman, 2012
Greta Deerson Rosen, 2007
Mark Sussman, 2006
Michael Tommer, 2018
Sami Wertheim, 2018
Natalie Yosipovitch, 2016
Rachel Zidar, 2014
North Carolina Hillel Foundation
210 West Cameron Avenue
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(919) 942-4057

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